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Curiosities | Cases Rental in Barcelona for 20 euros / day
A pioneer Cases hire service in Barcelona, ​​Turispad, rent the devices to tourists and business

All information in the palm of your hand. Turispad just premiered in Barcelona with a pioneering and innovative: Cases rent in the city and its area. A service that allows visitors, whether tourists or business visitors, have the technology during his stay in the city.

Among the applications that are loaded are iPads hire translators, maps, units and currency converter, guidebook, hotel and leisure seekers urban applications related to social networking or audio-guides of the main points of interest. If them you do not have enough, you can install your favorite applications.

The main thrust of Turispad is tourism, but also provides companies with a specific need, whether for a meeting or event that seeks to add value or to provide Internet connectivity to its participants, as well as dissemination of a catalog or corporate presentation.

The hiring of iPads is simple: it is managed, booked and paid from Turispad website. To dispose of the device is only necessary to indicate the place and time of delivery, usually the hotel housing the customer. On the day of the reservation, the iPhone comes configured with the applications listed and a carrying case. Once the rental period, the iPad is returned in the agreed place and time.

Besides the opportunity to travel with his hands in his pockets, the advantages of hiring figure Turispad unlimited availability of 3G, we can not forget the high cost of roaming when traveling outside the country of origin, in addition to the preinstalled applications more useful and information and maps of Barcelona. The service will cost from 20 euros daily.

In parallel to the Turispad website, the company plans to offer its service through the major hotel chains and tour operators who include among their services or booking vacation packages.

About Turispad:

The idea of ​​this new project is born from one of the administrators of the company, which identified the lack of a necessary link between technology and non-existent and tourism, deducing that the link was the iPhone, to discuss the idea with the rest participants in the project, expanded the possibilities to a larger world …
Turispad is a company born of entrepreneurial and technological expertise of both companies, and MF Serveis Digiserveis, both with extensive experience in business and services sector in the Apple environment and whose career dates back to 1992.
Is certified by Apple Professional Support (Apple Certified Support Professional), being thoroughly familiar with the iPhone, which has a wide range of possibilities, unknown and unexplored to date the vast majority of users.
Also, members of the Apple Consultants Network, ACN, (Apple Consultants Network) since its inception, as participants in this pilot project in Barcelona, ​​pioneering the introduction and implementation of this new network in Spain focused on offering professional solutions and business initiatives in other European countries already in operation for some time with good results.

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