Terra Alta organizes the seminar “Business innovation for management, promotion and marketing in the 21st century”

About thirty people took part in the last seminar for supporting the tourism that took place on Bot during the 12th and December 13th, organized by Derruta (Rural Development of the Terra Alta). Jimmy Pons, an internationally recognized professional specialized in innovative tourism management and promotion of tourism products, which during these days has had a close relationship with companies and entrepreneurs in the region of Terra Alta, Matarraña, Priorat and Baix Ebre was the main rapporteur.

Jimmy Pons is an expert in tourism innovation, destination management, social networking, travel 2.0 and social media, and has participated as speaker and trainer in several events both nationally and internationally, especially in South America.

This seminar includes topics such as tourism innovation, society and technology, the new customer of the XXI century, the creation of innovative products, preparing companies for online promotion, development of a basic marketing plan, collaboration and networking; productivity, promotion and communication tools, communication strategy, content strategy, brand adaptation in the era of social networks, or how to design a website.

Turispad assist to the seminar invited by Derruta to know by first-hand the technology needs of different regions of our country, which are very unprotected in a world where technologies are more necessary every day, and are being more present in our environment and everyday life. In a rural area such as is the Terra Alta, with products of exceptional quality that give them a priority position in the market a good company should know how to advertise and promote them. The technology gaps identified by Turispad in that regions went from the need of a reliable 3G connection, that operators today still doesn’t offer, to the most innovative in apps such are Tourist Guides, since many of them are focused exclusively on the principal cities of our country where we already have all the information in the palm of the hand; but this not happens in small places that offer beautiful landscapes, excellent cuisine and exquisite wine routes, among other products and services of high added-value land, where this kind of information is not yet on an app or is barely collected.

As our speaker Jimmy Pons said: “customers do not want to wait, they want everything now, they will not accommodate to you, unless you have a unique and exclusive product. That is you who have to adapt to your customers, and their habits. We’ve gone from a society of the NEW to the NOW one “.