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Making a marketing action,showing your portfolio or catalogue,organise a Team Building strategy or give them to your delegates to use during the trip or event are just a few examples of what you can do having the most advanced tablet in the world.

We are specialised in Apple Hardware, so you can also have MacBook and iMacs at your disposal.

Use the best support to achieve your goals: promote your product, show a project, get feedback at street level or just get followers on social networking, we offer the rental of the most attractive and functional device for your event.

How it works

1. Make a reservation

a) Fill out the form on our contact page and send a request or call us directly by phone. We’ll ask for your billing information and your email and, the most important thing, the date, time and place where we had to deliver the iPad.

b) If you are an individual 390 € amount per device will be added to the rental fee as a security deposit. This deposit will be released at the end of the rental period when the devices are returned in good condition; you must accept the rental contract that you can print if needed.

c) If you are a Company or Agency submit your request and we’ll contact you to indicate the next steps.

2. Delivering the iPad

a) We bring the iPad wherever you told us with its accessories (case, charger, carrying bag and extra chosen options), a copy of the rental agreement and a document certifying the status of the iPad (iPad status document). You need to present a legal identification (passport or identity card).

b) For delivery to other cities in Spain and Europe, the cost of courier delivery and collection will be added.

c) If you need any specific application or accessory for the iPad, you will have to request it before delivery via email, or through the contact form; otherwise the device is delivered with the software installed by default and in Spanish.

3. We pick up the iPad

a) We collect the iPad at indicated location, we verify the status of the device and its accessories and give you a receipt.

b) If we cannot go, we’ll send our trusted courier for collecting it.

4. Finally...

The deposit is immediately released. Then we will keep in touch by the social networks with our latest news and attending any questions you may have.

Complete your experience with our wide range of accessories

* The rental period is calculated based on indivisible periods of 24 hours, starting when the iPad becomes available to you. However, a margin of 60 minutes is applied before the beginning of a new 24-hour period.
Ask for more devices or days. Discounts for Business.
Subject to stock availability at booking.

In case to hire our optional insurance, please read carefully the terms
Terms of insurance

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