Original Blog tourism in Barcelona

We talked today about a blog fairly new and very original on tourism in Barcelona. Lola Garcia, the author wants to share in it “the best ideas for exploring the city” and invites everyone to participate and give their opinion. The truth is that the focus, as I mentioned, is very original, and is addressed mainly to those who come to spend some days in Barcelona or those who want to know the city.

The blog is divided into five categories: Events, FC Barcelona, News, Restaurants and Attractions.

In the section events in Barcelona talking about the main events of the city, including concerts, festivals and other activities of interest. The information is very detailed, with rates, exact directions and transport that you can take to reach the venue. Above all he wants Lola García users to provide their opinion (especially if they have at the event) to provide more insights and further information.

With regard to FC Barcelona, seems that the author of the blog is a true fan of the team and sums up all the football news from Barca, from news about the players, press conferences coach Pep Guardiola, and obviously, reveals the results of team.

The section News, currently more than talk about it a pupurrí different topics, such as where to shop for Barcelona public transport in the city or the new ad for Estrella Damm. Do you have a post or topic to propose to the author? This is the section where the post you will propose.

One of my favorite categories is the Restaurants,because the information provided is useful to the locals. The post in this category are characterized by the classic “Top 10” and also talk about all kinds of restaurants. It also seems to incorporate other local restaurants are not exactly, but rather bars and nightclubs, as Razzmatazz.

Finally, Attractions you can learn the best museums, monuments more hidden (and famous) and you’ll find ideas to explore Barcelona.

I recommend visiting Barcelona travel blog written by Lola Garcia, a different way to see Barcelona.

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