IPad rental and IT services for events

We rent you the best support to advertise your product, present a project or get followers on social networks.

Interactive solutions for events/congresses

Our solutions turn your event into an interactive event, where information flows bidirectionally and in real time.

CongressOnTheGo: our native App

CongressOnTheGo is the perfect tool for planning and managing any type of congress. Available for iOS and Android.

Filming and broadcasting live events

Send your message to the next room or to everyone. We record and spread your session so that nobody misses a single detail.

Rental of iPhones for your events, technology in the palm of your hand

Because we believe that technology must provide added value to events and enrich its essence. We work by your side from the beginning of the project providing solutions so you don’t have to worry about anything. We look for answers to your needs.  

Rental of iPads and IT services for your events

We offer the rental service of the more attractive and functional device for your purpose; get the best partner for your goals: promote your product, show a project, get feedback at street level or simply for getting followers on social networks. How it works?

We also help you with the technical aspects so you only just have to take care of your event. Find out more about our IT Solutions.

Interactive solutions for events and conferences

We provide you with the tools to get an event where information flows freely in two directions: engage your audience, pose your sessions from a new perspective, ask their opinion and get impressions immediately. Know our solutions, as the QuizPad and Interactive Presentations.

Filming and broadcasting live events

Today you can reach a global audience and get your message to the next room or to everyone. We will record your session and spread it so that nobody misses a single detail.

You want to know more?

CongressOnTheGo: Native app for congress management

All your congress in the palm of your hand. With our CongressOnTheGo App you can manage any type of congress, being the perfect tool for the total planning of your events. Interactive maps, information about the speakers, customizable agenda, documentation management and much more. More information.

Available for iOS and Android. Product presented in different versions, choose the version that best suits your needs.

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