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1.1) Our kiosk application is designed for iPad, iPad Pro and iPhone, makes sharing the content a pleasant user experience, you can show web pages, audio files, video or PDF documents in an interactive, design way personalized Kiosk can be used in a wide variety of projects, from exhibitions to museums, points of sale, marketing promotions, information points at shopping centers, news items at fairs and congresses, checking records; In any case, the flexibility of the interactive kiosk to design a new project is very large.

1.2) Kiosk can communicate with other peripherals such as printers, card readers, code readers, with the iPad camera, can take photos, read QR codes.

1.3) Tell us about your idea and adapt it to your needs.

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2.1) Send us your documents videos, audio, web, images, pdf. We compile and implement them in the app.

2.2) Indicate what interactions and design you want to be able to generate your interactive kiosk. Tell us about your idea or project as well as its use.

2.3) We design your idea, integrate it into the native app for iOS, block the buttons of the iPad and distribute it to the ipads you need.

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  • Remote management of content on multiple iPad.
  • Remote content updates.
  • Use a second screen to show videos and content.
  • Manage the availability and use of energy, programmable with hours.
  • Create a form and save your data in a .csv.
  • Set a downtime timer when the user moves away.
  • Full design control, font images, text, colors, links provided through the interface, easy to use.
  • Insertion of multiple contents, video, audio, images, PDF.
  • Scanning of UPC and QR codes, connection to thermal printers, reading of magnetic cards.
  • It allows you to store content for use without an internet connection.
  • Decide why domains navigate your visitors and hide navigation bars, show the web in full screen.
  • Allow printing of content such as PDFs, receipts, tickets.
  • Create interactive and dynamic catalogs for the store.[/vc_accordion_tab][vc_accordion_tab title=”4. Generate participation”][vc_column_text]

4.1) Generate audience, participate, engage your visitors, interact with your employees, generate tickets, control access …

4.2) Kiosk is a very flexible application that allows us to program in countless ways, since it is already developed and has its own APIs, its cost to developing a new native application from scratch is reduced by approximately 70% .

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Double Screen




We show you some projects so that you have an idea of the possibilities and flexibility of our kiosk.

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