Bring your events to life

Turn your presentations, work meetings or training sessions into a new and enriching experience.

Ask questions, get answers, propose challenges, raise votes, tempt your audience and get them to participate. Take the opportunity to generate debates, collect impressions and value ideas … all in real time.

Too easy

Three steps and you can captivate your audience. We show you how:

We upload your documents to the cloud

Send us your documents in Keynote, PowerPoint or PDF format. We will convert them and upload to the cloud so that you always have them at your disposal.

We create the interactions

Tell us what interactions you want and where they are going to be able to generate your interactive presentation.

Intercalary questions, videos, tests, drawings, surveys or web pages …

Make your presentation

Share your ideas and engage the audience. Listen to their opinion and know their intentions.

After the session you will receive a full report with the results.

How does it work?

1 question
2. Get an answer
3. Share
4. Rate

Get more ...

Generate debate, gather opinions, encourage communication, receive assessment of your work, have the audience participate, play, question, interact …