General Rental Conditions

These general conditions apply to the rental of the iPad.

1. Definitions and general principles
2. Requirements and identification of the tenant.
3. IPad: Condition, use, maintenance problems and technical assistance
4. Rental Period
5. Prices / payment terms
6. Insurance
7. Data Protection Act1. Definitions and general principles

1. Definitions and general principles

“You” is the person who signed the lease and has the right to use the IPAD and its accessories.
– “Turispad” is the owner and lessor of equipment
– “IPad” or “Device” is the electronic device that you will rent for the agreed duration in the reserve and include all parts and accessories reflected in the contract of hire.
– “Returning with no harm” is the return of the device without damage happened to the iPad (including accessories, screen, ports, battery, SIM card, charger, manual).
– Document “State of the iPad” is a document, which reflects the conservation status of the device, and deliver to the lessee at the time of the rental period. This document will include a list of included accessories (if any) and will be revised to the returning of the iPad.2. Requirements and identification of the tenant.

2. Requirements and identification of the tenant.
You must have and show a valid identity card or passport to the Turispad‘s employee when at the delivery of the iPad as well as the credit card used when booking. The Identity card must be written in English or Spanish. You should also provide the Confirmation of the Reserve. With respect to security deposit, the credit card must have available credit limit of at least of the estimated budget of the reserve.Note that although Turispad accepts all major credit cards, you should check in advance the acceptance of a particular card. Payments made by credit cards are accepted in accordance with the limits authorized by the issuer of your credit card.

3. iPad: Condition, Use, problems of maintenance and support

3.1 Conditions.

At the time of delivery of the iPad a document containing the description of the state of iPad (“State of the iPad“), a list of included accessories (if any) and a copy of the Rental Contract will be delivered to you

Upon receiving the device, you are obliged to check the status of the iPad. In case of an obvious defect that is not already reflected in the description, you shall immediately inform the employee of Turispad in the delivery place in order to revise and modify the document “State of the iPad

In this case, modifications must be made in the document and duly signed by both parts.

If the amended document is not signed by both parts, the condition of the iPad will be as stated originally in the document that has been delivered (“State of the iPad“) along with the Rental Contract and will be an acceptance that your iPad has been received in the proper working conditions.

You must return the device in the same condition as it was provided at the beginning of the rental period. You are solely responsible for any repair or refurbishment costs and these will be added to the cost of the rental.

3.2 Using the iPad

The iPhone should not be used by anyone other than you.

The device should be used only in the country in which it was rented, it is forbidden to use in another country. When used outside the country of rental fees will be charged for the use of the device (roaming costs, etc.).

The device will be provided with number of applications loaded (the list is described in You must return the iPhone with the same software. Any other software or cost is not included in the rental.

Turispad strongly recommended that you read this information available on the website

In particular, the device should be used in any of the following conditions or any of the following purposes:
– Near flammable or hazardous and toxic, corrosive, radioactive or other hazardous substances,
– Carrying nothing by its smell or condition, that harms the device or compel Turispad to spend time or money before they can re-rent the device.
– Connect any accessories not supplied by Turispad.
– Re-rent the device to others,
– To carry out illegal activities or cause damage to equipment, personnel, loss of software or to breach security of any computer software, brand or company.
– Committing a crime intentionally.

You are solely responsible for any crimes committed during the rental period that relates in any way to the use of the device, as if you were the owner of the iPad. At the request of the police or any official agency, Turispad will transfer your personal information. This communication is carried out in accordance with data protection laws in the country of rental.

3.3. Maintenance Problems

When you start your rental, the iPhone is delivered ready for normal use. If not, or if the device becomes inoperative for the use during the rental period due to any problem or accident, Turispad should be informed immediately by telephone to the contact number contained in the Rental Contract.

Turispad has the choice between replacing the device or cancel the rental. Turispad should not be responsible for repairs, maintenance or purchasing accessories related to the equipment during the rental period made by you. The only authorized to make this work is Turispad.

Any fees or expenses of any repairs made by you will not be refunded.

You must tell Turispad of all accidents, damage, problems or malfunctions of the device, even those that have been repaired, when you return the returning the iPad. Until then you remain liable for any damage suffered by the iPad.

In any case, either Turispad nor its directors or employees would be liable to you or any third party for any loss or damage (including but not limited to loss of profits or gains…) or, to the extent permitted by law for indirect or consequential damages arising from the use of the device in contract or tort.

3.4 Assistance Technique

During the rental period, as agreed with Turispad, you have a help phone line. If necessary, this service can be used by calling the number on the Rental Contract.

4. Rental Period

4.1 Principle and Calculation

You agree to return the device to Turispad at the agreed location, on the date and time indicated in the lease.

The maximum duration of a lease is 7 consecutive days (to increase it you must have the explicit approval of Turispad). The duration of the rent is calculated on the basis of indivisible periods of 24 hours from the time the iPad becomes available to you. However, a margin period of 30 minutes applies before the start of a new period of 24 hours.

If you return the iPad in any other place than the place agreed in the Rental Contract is necessary to have the explicit approval of Turispad otherwise forwarding costs will be charged to you.


4.2 Expansion of the original duration of the Rental

If you want to keep the iPhone for a period longer than the initially established in the rental period, you should contact Turispad to extend the duration of the lease (may require the presence of an employee of Turispad or confirm this in

4.3 Conditions of Delivery and Collection

Depending on where you choose for receiving or delivering the iPad, you might be have to pay additional charges and follow instructions. This point should be verified at the time of booking.

When you return the iPhone (or if Turispad has agreed with you that will do so) when you leave the iPad for the collection by Turispad you must complete the details of the date and time of delivery, as this is a prerequisite for Turispad to accept the return of the device.

You must return the iPad immediately if Turispad asks you to do so. In the case of the iPad is not delivered at the Turispad request, you hereby authorize Turispad to make any and all things necessary to recover the iPad. You will be responsible for any costs associated with the return. Turispad can recover any device without notice or liability when Turispad consider that recovery is necessary for his own protection.

4.4 End of Rental

The end of the rental period is consummated with the return of the iPad in time and place agreed in the rental contract. It must be an employee of Turispad, uniformed or properly identified with an identity card from Turispad; in no case you should give the device to any person present at the site assuming or pretending to be an employee of Turispad. If it’s explicitly mentioned in the rental contract, the device can be returned in the hotel’s lobby.

If the iPad is returned without its accessories you will be billed for the cost of replacing them. Turispad strongly recommended that you read this information available on the website

Turispad under no circumstances will accept any responsibility for any items or information they have been with the device at the end of the lease.

Outside normal opening hours, returning the iPhone in a hotel’s lobby is not the end of the lease. You will remain responsible for any damage to the iPad until an employee of Turispad takes possession of the device.

4.4.1 In the case of confiscation, theft or accident / injury

In the case of actions by third parties, including the confiscation or seizure of the device, you shall immediately inform Turispad. Turispad then is entitled to take all measures necessary to protect their rights. You will be responsible for all damages, costs and / or associated costs arising from the above measures and for any direct, indirect, consequential (such as loss…) to the iPad, unless it is proved that Turispad is directly responsible of the confiscation or seizure of the device.

In addition, the lease may be terminated automatically as soon as Turispad would be aware of such action by the judicial authorities or by you.

Any use of the iPad that can be harmful to Turispad will entitle Turispad to automatically terminate the lease with immediate effect. Then you have to return the device immediately and as soon as Turispad request it.

In case of theft of the iPad, the lease will be terminated as soon as Turispad received a copy of the statement due to theft from law enforcement authorities. In this case you must pay the full amount of the iPad.

In the event of an accident, the lease will be terminated as soon as Turispad received a copy of the accident report completed by you and, where appropriate, by the third part. If Turispad provides you a new iPad, the lease will be amended accordingly. In this case you must pay the full amount of the iPad.

In addition, Turispad have no liability for loss, theft, robbery or damage of any kind related to objects and / or utensils transported or which are together with the device, including, in particular software and / or any other property.

5. Prices / Payment Terms

5.1 Fees

The total charges for each rental will be determined according to the price list in effect at the time of rental (according to If you do not meet the conditions necessary for a special contract rate, then the normal amount should be paid.

5.2 Conditions of Payment

Payment are by credit card; the authorization will be requested before the start of the rental.

The minimum authorization is determined by multiplying the unit amount per rental period reserved by you, and adding other relevant charges, if any. This amount will be charged at the time of booking on the website ( Any additional costs associated with differences in the initial period of booking or dates, especially the change in the number of rental days, a damaged iPad or iPad not returned will be charged at the end of the rental period or before if Turispad considered necessary.

When the iPad is returned the entire invoice amount will be charged to the credit card used in the process of booking, unless there is another credit card alternative.

The charges on the credit card are always carried out in euros, in the event that the cardholder bank has a different currency, this will become based on current exchange rates.

In the case of non-payment due date shown on the invoice, you will be responsible for payment of interest on the amount owed in accordance with the provisions of the bill.

Failure to pay by due date of any invoice or other payment will cause the automatic expiration of all outstanding invoices and authorize Turispad to demand the immediate return of any device that is still for rent and end all agreements on rents.

The rates applicable to the rental and additional services are those in effect at the date of issue of the lease, and correspond to features that were originally shown in the time of booking and the rental agreement (such iPad, accessories, duration, place of return…). Any changes to the characteristics set may require the use of an alternative fare.

5.3 Loading prepayment on the reservation.

Rates do not include all applicable charges not specifically mentioned in the booking confirmation by Turispad, and any optional additional services that the customer may be responsible. A number of valid credit card must be presented to employee Turispad at the time the rental starts.

Any changes to the reservation may affect rental rates and may require confirmation by Turispad. Changes that require a confirmation of the prepayment by Turispad be confirmed at least 14 days before the start of hire date, unless the confirmation of the prepayment can be sent to a fax number or an email address, in which case the changes can be made until 72 hours before the start date of hire.

Cancellation of reservations made through the website can also be done through the web site will enter into force on the correct date and time of registration in the reservation system. A cancellation confirmation will be sent to the customer.

The customer can cancel the reservation without charge provided it is done within 14 days after the reservation date (reserve day not included), as mentioned in the confirmation of prepaid and in any time before the start date of the rental period.

After that time, the amount of rent paid in advance will be refunded less a cancellation fee charge, always in the original currency of payment, equivalent to a daily rate.

No returns will be accepted if the customer doesn’t pick up the iPad on the date and time set on the rental contract and has not been notified Turispad cancellation before this date, according to those described in this section.

If changes in the reservation are not made in accordance with this section, no refunds will be accepted for the return of the iPad before or after the due date, if the customer doesn’t pick up the iPad at the rental start date or cancellations made after the rental start date set.

All rentals are subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Contract of Sale in force at the time and place of rental.

6. Insurance

Turispad not provide any insurance to cover the device for personal injury and / or property damage that could cause the tenant or a third party as a result of an accident involving the iPad. You are responsible for 100% of the costs incurred for these reasons.

6.1 Liability for damage to the device or theft during the rental period.

6.1.1 You will be responsible for any damage to Turispad when renting a device that has been entrusted to you.

Therefore, if iPad is theft or any damage is caused to it, you must fully indemnify Turispad (in this compensation includes amounts for repair costs, resale value of the iPad, loss of usability, administration costs…).

This amount will not exceed the market value (in the country of hire) of the iPad at the time of event.

You will not be exempt from liability to Turispad in the case of breach of contract. Therefore, you will be responsible for any financial loss suffered by Turispad as a result of the breach and the relevant claims made by others. You agree to meet any amount that Turispad spends in the application of these terms.


If the loss to Turispad is subsequently reduced (recovery of the iPhone within 60 days, partial or total responsibility for the third party) you will receive a refund.

7. Data Protection Act

Note that in the course of making the reservation and in the hiring process, Turispad collects certain personal information. It is mandatory to provide all information requested, in the absence or inaccuracy of such information, Turispad would not be able to properly secure the reservation and / or rent the device.

Under Spanish law on Data Protection, you have the right to access, update, correct or delete personal data held by us. You can correct factual errors in the data by sending an application form where you point out the error. You should contact for information on how to exercise those rights.

In order to provide effective services and interest, promptly Turispad can transfer the data collected to other companies in the EU or outside the EU. This transfer does not imply any restrictions and our privacy policy still applies fully. By accepting these Conditions of Sale, you authorize Turispad to proceed to the transfer.