Connect attendees to your event in the same space

Duos is an instant messaging application within a private environment that increases the experience of networking among attendees, linked to their spaces or events through mobile marketing campaigns.

73% of attendees might be interested in the organizer’s messages.
Duos offers marketing and retargeting solutions during and after the event.

How it works

Most people attend events or spaces to interact with others:

Duos registers your profile as a professional or visitor within the event, does not require registration email or phone.

Duos offers everything you need to allow attendees to enhance their network experience, interact and communicate with each other, while at your event you grow your business through mobile marketing campaigns.


iBeacons are low-cost Bluetooth transmitters that allow you to notify nearby devices of your presence. This technology allows a smartphone to automatically connect in the space of your event by proximity to the iBeacons.

Once your IBeacon is detected by a smartphone:
Attendees are able to see other users at the same event and start chatting between them in a private way.
Once a user has been detected by the ibeacons, you as network administrator will be able to send text messages to them, even when they have left their space or event.

Each IBeacon has a range of up to 50 meters around it.
All our plans include 2 iBeacons.
Depending on the area to be covered and the space of the event we will need more iBeacons that we will supply for the perfect coverage.

Marketing campaigns

Duos offers marketing and retargeting solutions during and after the event.

During the event
You will be able to send welcome messages or any other type of messages with text, links or images to all mobile devices within your event area with the Duos application.

Once the event is over
We keep a record of all mobile devices, so we can send messages to them after a week, month or even a year, with reminders, to promote new events or any of the related products.

Sending Push messages

Push notifications allow you to send messages to your attendees, even when the user is not actively using the Duos application.
These instant alerts – called “push” notifications – are being widely adopted by consumers and if you don’t use them in your event you lose business inputs.