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Turispad interview in the newspaper L’Economic

We greatly thank the treatment and kindness received in writing L’Economic and especially the journalist Berta Roig for his excellent work as an expression in these lines.

Apple for tourists


The firm is launching a Ipad rental service to tourists visiting Barcelona

30/07/11 02:00 – barcelona – berta roig

The euphoria for the tablets and everything that comes out of the house Apple is creating the perfect base for generating new business. This is the case Turispad, a young company that wants to join Barcelona this technology with one of the mainstays of the economy of the city, tourism. The business idea is simple and these tourists is to rent Ipad loaded with useful applications for the occasion, such a guide in Barcelona, ​​transportation services, entertainment guides, translators, service companies hire rental, currency converters and international press as well, of course, social networks. “But from this standard configuration can make all necessary customizations and each user can download what they want,” explains Marc Farrés and Alberto Perez, two of the three founding members of Turispad.

Farrés and Perez accumulated nearly ten years of experience in the technology sector through its consulting services and Digiserveis-MF-both consulting official Apple. Three months ago they launched the creation of Turispad, sure had a good business opportunity. “Barcelona has a high ability to attract business tourism and trade fairs, and we want to change the typical image of these visitors moving through the city with the map displayed in your hands,” said Marc Farrés. In fact, the main objective is to attract business entrepreneurs in tourism business and therefore welcomes the recent confirmation as Barcelona Mobile World Capital until 2018 by the GSMA and which will accommodate at least until that date, the Mobile World Congress. “The profile of people who come to this fair is very similar to this technology,” they explain.

The entrepreneurs have already opened talks with government agencies such as the Barcelona Convention Bureau, which depends on the City Council and which also involved the Chamber of Commerce, Catalonia and Convention Bureau, which reports to the Government, with the aim offer them their services. Are also negotiating with hotel chains and time Farrés explains, “the sensations are very good and in 80% of cases there is interest in what we are offering.”

While these agreements were closing Turispad offers the option of contracting services through its website, where the user can specify the place of delivery and collection of the IPAD and which applications it wants. The tablets have Wi-Fi and 3G unlimited and the price starts from 20 euros a day, apart from a deposit to cover any risk of loss. An attractive alternative if you consider that high roaming prices means that many tourists leave their devices at home when traveling abroad.

This first year focused primarily entrepreneurs expect to make themselves known in order to manage growth in the first phase of 200 devices.

However, much will depend on the evolution of the ability to have agreements with hotel chains and organizers of fairs, because, as Perez explains, “an event such as conference phones because you can apply, although only 200 Ipad” . Also according to this growth the partners are considering a new business line with the development of content and applications for tablets. “We believe that a product is sweet and the reception we are having in the first months is good,” they say.

Vía: L’Economic

Turispad in the newspaper The Economist

The journalist Iris  Mauricio kindly has pursued for three months without losing sight, shows clearly the current situation in Turispad article published in the Economist Super Monday on October 17, 2011.

With a warm voice, almost bewitching Iris told us over and over again, numbers give me numbers, something that is not so easy in a young and without reference to the market, because any number that can be given, it may end up not being real, Iris has been so patiently waiting for the company ripped slightly to take some reference.

In Turispad think next year, 2012, will pay off many of the meetings, agreements and collaborations that are developing and concluding today, and many new features, we advertise in the media and on our website, the activity is intense, as despite being a new business that our customers and prospective customers with very gladly accepted, the economic situation being what it is and the fight is difficult to break into something new, we must be constantly movement and activity, contacting, talking, remembering and of course be open to any possible collaboration and ideas that others are proposing.

To read the article download the PDF from El Economista Turispad

Turispad in the newspaper, La Vanguardia

Journalist Roser Amills Bibiloni del Blog de La Vanguardia Inspiración Digital tells us the ultimate in talent, creativity and culture on-line, with a little information and services Turispad.
Inspiración digital

Curiosities | Cases Rental in Barcelona for 20 euros / day
A pioneer Cases hire service in Barcelona, ​​Turispad, rent the devices to tourists and business

All information in the palm of your hand. Turispad just premiered in Barcelona with a pioneering and innovative: Cases rent in the city and its area. A service that allows visitors, whether tourists or business visitors, have the technology during his stay in the city.

Among the applications that are loaded are iPads hire translators, maps, units and currency converter, guidebook, hotel and leisure seekers urban applications related to social networking or audio-guides of the main points of interest. If them you do not have enough, you can install your favorite applications.

The main thrust of Turispad is tourism, but also provides companies with a specific need, whether for a meeting or event that seeks to add value or to provide Internet connectivity to its participants, as well as dissemination of a catalog or corporate presentation.

The hiring of iPads is simple: it is managed, booked and paid from Turispad website. To dispose of the device is only necessary to indicate the place and time of delivery, usually the hotel housing the customer. On the day of the reservation, the iPhone comes configured with the applications listed and a carrying case. Once the rental period, the iPad is returned in the agreed place and time.

Besides the opportunity to travel with his hands in his pockets, the advantages of hiring figure Turispad unlimited availability of 3G, we can not forget the high cost of roaming when traveling outside the country of origin, in addition to the preinstalled applications more useful and information and maps of Barcelona. The service will cost from 20 euros daily.

In parallel to the Turispad website, the company plans to offer its service through the major hotel chains and tour operators who include among their services or booking vacation packages.

About Turispad:

The idea of ​​this new project is born from one of the administrators of the company, which identified the lack of a necessary link between technology and non-existent and tourism, deducing that the link was the iPhone, to discuss the idea with the rest participants in the project, expanded the possibilities to a larger world …
Turispad is a company born of entrepreneurial and technological expertise of both companies, and MF Serveis Digiserveis, both with extensive experience in business and services sector in the Apple environment and whose career dates back to 1992.
Is certified by Apple Professional Support (Apple Certified Support Professional), being thoroughly familiar with the iPhone, which has a wide range of possibilities, unknown and unexplored to date the vast majority of users.
Also, members of the Apple Consultants Network, ACN, (Apple Consultants Network) since its inception, as participants in this pilot project in Barcelona, ​​pioneering the introduction and implementation of this new network in Spain focused on offering professional solutions and business initiatives in other European countries already in operation for some time with good results.

Via: Blogs La Vanguardia

Turispad to “network food with HUSA”

Turispad has been selected to attend the meal “Dinar en xarxa amb Husa” today November 10, hosted by Barcelona Activa, growth and consolidation department, we have been chosen from multiple companies for assistance allowed is 12 to 14 companies . The purpose of this meeting is to be dynamic and participatory for the audience where a guest has made ​​a presentation of 15-20 minutes on the company it represents.
In this case the guest is Mr. Joan Gaspart president of the hotel chain HUSA, in his presentation speech of the projects of the company it represents, their innovation strategies, and possible collaborations with innovative companies in the city after of the presentation that makes the guest, invited each company has 1 minute to present their project and make an inquiry or a reflection of interest to the guest, once finished the presentation of each company, the desserts the guests answer questions and proposals launched by the audience.

Our most satisfaction at being able to attend this food opportunity.

Business Lunch with Sonia Corrochano

food with sonia
Turispad along with 11 other companies through Barcelona Activa, has been selected again to attend a network meal, in this case the guest has been Sonia Corrochano the current director of Barcelona airport, along with her was the Head of Division Cabinet Direction, Ms. Gloria Rodriguez; the Head of Press Aena Airports in Catalonia, Mr. Agustin Rodriguez and the Head of the technology division of Barcelona airport, Mr. Jose Luis Gonzalez as well as the second deputy mayor of Barcelona and president of Barcelona Activa Ms. Sonia Recasens.

During lunch, the 11 companies presented their different proposals for Barcelona airport, in fields such as meteorology, environment, led lights, secure and digital access control, apps, etc. where the entire team of the director, Sonia Corrachano, including herself, responded very kindly and with all attention without leaving any detail, being very grateful by the 11 representatives of the different companies.

Turispad as could not be otherwise launched also his proposal, being very well accepted by the airport management team, the proposal consists of a new technological space within the airport focused on the passenger and airport users until now non-existent, very innovative, in fact the project is already underway and Turispad will remain close to it.

Thanks to all the management team of Barcelona airport

El País newspaper interviews Turispad


From left to right, Alberto Pérez, Yolanda Vives and Marc Farres. / CARLES RIBAS

On Sunday April 8, 2012, the company Turispad appeared again in the media, in this case thanks to one of the best interviews we have done to date and that we owe to Laia Reventós journalist of the newspaper El Pais and photographer Carles Ribas who captured the image with amazing ease.

Eight months have passed since the beginning of our business trajectory as Turispad, which have been very intense and where proposals, ideas and projects have emerged in every corner, we want to thank each person or company contacted for their contribution individually or jointly, the thrust and spirit to continue growing as a company while as professionals.

For all these reasons, we announce that Turispad will continue in the line of offering more news with projects that are already underway and that we hope will play a lot in the hotel sector and events.

We would also like to thank Barcelona Activa, in which Turispad was founded, for the help received with a supervised Business Plan, which, despite the current crisis situation, we try to comply scrupulously, sometimes even to our surprise. We would also like to thank you for the mention made in your current newsletter, Les empreses de Barcelona són notícia el pasado día 11 de Abril de 2012.

During this intense period we wanted to be part of pioneering initiatives in the sector such as the Catalunya Convention Bureau, a body belonging to the Generalitat de Catalunya created to promote business tourism, and also the Spain Chapter MPI, the most select group of professionals and companies that organize events at a national and international level, exercising our role as suppliers and collaborating in internal events. We would also like to name our certifications as Apple, Apple Certified Support Professional, Apple Consultants Network, and the most recent Apple Certified iPhone and iPad Technical Training for Enterprise, with which we want to bring added value to our activity from Turispad, not only with the rental of iPads, but also configuring, managing and training for the user, with the aim of giving a global solution to the company that goes beyond a mere rental of hardware.

We also want to highlight the increase in requests for a large number of devices, which become an increasingly frequent support at fairs, conferences, events and presentations, Turispad is prepared to meet that demand, with the option of incorporating in the rooms a qualified technician to support configurations, use and help attendees and unexpected solution, in our view, very convenient when it comes to a large number of devices to manage. All this service, as well as the rental of iPads, is provided on a national level.

We will keep you up to date with new news and proposals.

We hope to see you soon!

To read the article by El País

Original Blog tourism in Barcelona

We talked today about a blog fairly new and very original on tourism in Barcelona. Lola Garcia, the author wants to share in it “the best ideas for exploring the city” and invites everyone to participate and give their opinion. The truth is that the focus, as I mentioned, is very original, and is addressed mainly to those who come to spend some days in Barcelona or those who want to know the city.

The blog is divided into five categories: Events, FC Barcelona, News, Restaurants and Attractions.

In the section events in Barcelona talking about the main events of the city, including concerts, festivals and other activities of interest. The information is very detailed, with rates, exact directions and transport that you can take to reach the venue. Above all he wants Lola García users to provide their opinion (especially if they have at the event) to provide more insights and further information.

With regard to FC Barcelona, seems that the author of the blog is a true fan of the team and sums up all the football news from Barca, from news about the players, press conferences coach Pep Guardiola, and obviously, reveals the results of team.

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Turispad interview to the news night Btv

[vc_video link=”” ratio=”16-9″]

Btv notícies nit, Friday July 29, 2011

Our sincere thanks to reporter Btv, Rocio Romero and his partner, for the treatment so nice and we spent good time while doing the shoot in Av Gaudi, Barcelona Televisió well as the dissemination of news pioneer in Barcelona our most sincere gratitude for a job well done.

Check in: Notícies nit Btv