Business Lunch with Sonia Corrochano

food with sonia
Turispad along with 11 other companies through Barcelona Activa, has been selected again to attend a network meal, in this case the guest has been Sonia Corrochano the current director of Barcelona airport, along with her was the Head of Division Cabinet Direction, Ms. Gloria Rodriguez; the Head of Press Aena Airports in Catalonia, Mr. Agustin Rodriguez and the Head of the technology division of Barcelona airport, Mr. Jose Luis Gonzalez as well as the second deputy mayor of Barcelona and president of Barcelona Activa Ms. Sonia Recasens.

During lunch, the 11 companies presented their different proposals for Barcelona airport, in fields such as meteorology, environment, led lights, secure and digital access control, apps, etc. where the entire team of the director, Sonia Corrachano, including herself, responded very kindly and with all attention without leaving any detail, being very grateful by the 11 representatives of the different companies.

Turispad as could not be otherwise launched also his proposal, being very well accepted by the airport management team, the proposal consists of a new technological space within the airport focused on the passenger and airport users until now non-existent, very innovative, in fact the project is already underway and Turispad will remain close to it.

Thanks to all the management team of Barcelona airport