The service, answer to all the questions for the hotels

A few days ago, in conversations with a good hotel friend, he commented that he had developed efforts to cut certain items but never to the detriment of the service.
“Somewhere I have to get out,” he told me. And he continued saying .- “we continue to put the press every day, we have improved our” amenities “, even the ice is of higher quality”.

Personally, I think, such positions become a kind of advanced towards a much more stable future business model. However, on many occasions, and in the name of the already “inquisitive crisis”, there are those who cut their games so much that they forget their income forecast.
So much is the pitcher to the source until we become a tiny stripe in a totally agitated cosmos where we are not even seen.


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Turispad and Laptrip agree to offer thematic and personalized travel guides with their iPads

Turispad will offer thematic and personalized travel guides with its iPads

Turispad and Labtrip have reached an agreement to include the application of travel planning from Labtrip in its devices. Labtrip is a technological Start-up company that proposes solutions for us to improve our travelling experience.

Starting at the download of his free application we already will be in disposition to organize and realize our trip adapted to our tastes and desires. This planning is interactive being able to change as the trip advances. Read More

Terra Alta organizes the seminar “Business innovation for management, promotion and marketing in the 21st century”

About thirty people took part in the last seminar for supporting the tourism that took place on Bot during the 12th and December 13th, organized by Derruta (Rural Development of the Terra Alta). Jimmy Pons, an internationally recognized professional specialized in innovative tourism management and promotion of tourism products, which during these days has had a close relationship with companies and entrepreneurs in the region of Terra Alta, Matarraña, Priorat and Baix Ebre was the main rapporteur.

Jimmy Pons is an expert in tourism innovation, destination management, social networking, travel 2.0 and social media, and has participated as speaker and trainer in several events both nationally and internationally, especially in South America.

This seminar includes topics such as tourism innovation, society and technology, the new customer of the XXI century, the creation of innovative products, preparing companies for online promotion, development of a basic marketing plan, collaboration and networking; productivity, promotion and communication tools, communication strategy, content strategy, brand adaptation in the era of social networks, or how to design a website.

Turispad assist to the seminar invited by Derruta to know by first-hand the technology needs of different regions of our country, which are very unprotected in a world where technologies are more necessary every day, and are being more present in our environment and everyday life. In a rural area such as is the Terra Alta, with products of exceptional quality that give them a priority position in the market a good company should know how to advertise and promote them. The technology gaps identified by Turispad in that regions went from the need of a reliable 3G connection, that operators today still doesn’t offer, to the most innovative in apps such are Tourist Guides, since many of them are focused exclusively on the principal cities of our country where we already have all the information in the palm of the hand; but this not happens in small places that offer beautiful landscapes, excellent cuisine and exquisite wine routes, among other products and services of high added-value land, where this kind of information is not yet on an app or is barely collected.

As our speaker Jimmy Pons said: “customers do not want to wait, they want everything now, they will not accommodate to you, unless you have a unique and exclusive product. That is you who have to adapt to your customers, and their habits. We’ve gone from a society of the NEW to the NOW one “.

iTravel the big leap forward in the travel market

Apple has long been working on a new application that aims to revolutionize the travel market.

This Apple’s own application would serve as a platform for the purchase of everything you need to make a trip, from plane tickets, buses and train, to hotel stays and car rentals.

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CongressOnTheGo. Publish your events and ensure success

CongressOnTheGo. Publish your events and ensure success

– Centralize all the information related to your event in one application.
– Provides information about keynotes and speakers, exhibitors, events, interactive location maps with useful data and other relevant information.
– Integrate the different communication channels.
– Available in several languages.
– Broadcast in advance to the public any change of agenda and get an evaluation of the performed keynotes.
– Publish it in the App Store and Android Market.



Turispad, member of the CCB

The Catalonia Convention Bureau (CCB) is a body of the Generalitat de Catalunya, attached to the Catalan Tourism Agency, which has made a firm commitment to improving the competitiveness of the activity in this sector: a market that It is considered strategic at the level of territorial and economic development, and where Catalonia enjoys a high potential and good positioning

To achieve this goal, the CCB works together with the network of 9 Tourist Promotion Centers (CPTs) distributed to the main tourism issuing countries in Catalonia.

The CCB is an organizational model based on the co-participation, codecision and co-responsibility of members for the definition of strategies and actions to promote the Catalan, public and private sector, business tourism and meetings.

In this sense, the CCB is committed to offering the members the maximum participation options in the definition of the plan of actions and annual objectives, as well as in the work processes that lead to the best management of the program and to promote the return of business. It is for this reason that the CCB is interested in strengthening the networking relationships among the member companies of the CCB: in order to find synergies and work together.

Turispad, as a member of the CCB, fits perfectly in this environment where we aim to technologically modernize the tourism sector in general and that of business in particular, with bold proposals for the city of Barcelona and innovative ideas for business incentives and organizing events; We do not define ourselves as an iPads rental company, but we want to be a generator of values ​​and added services.

Of all of them we would like to emphasize:

– Management of mobile devices (MDM – Mobile Device Management), an environment that allows us to unified management of any volume of mobile devices and tablets. Control through user profiles or groups allows us to customize the device of each user, apply restrictions, security regulations, limit apps to download, control web browsing, use of the camera and monitor and locate each and every one of the devices; Block and / or remotely erase lost devices when the information contained is sensitive or simply update the iOS of each remote device.

-Personalize the iPad device adapting it to your needs: wallpaper, applications, PDF forms, surveys, email accounts, QR code generation and utilities.

-Mountains and loudspeakers, suitable for fairs, stands, restaurants or hotels, with which we can place the device both horizontally and vertically.

– We study, design and make the App that you need, for both iPhone or iPad and Android.

-All rental options designed for hotels, at a very low cost; We also create a personalized app with free information for your hotel: services, photos, push messaging and other information that you want to include.

-For schools we have very affordable prices and advice with extensive experience in the field of training. Implementing the iPad in classrooms is emerging as an emerging need, with great and promising perspectives.


Add life to your events with our application SyncroPad


With our application you can convert your presentations, workshops and training sessions in a new and enriching experience

– Capture the opinion instantly.

– Plan your sessions from a new perspective and discover what the attendees think. Analyze and contrast the results taking the maximum benefit of your events.

– Ask questions, get answers, propose challenges, tempt them and make them participate. Take the opportunity to generate discussions, gather impressions and value ideas … all in real-time.

– Ask your demonstration without commitment



Add your life to events

Use technology to differentiate and gain visibility

– Access a global audience with low costs.
– Connect with your followers in a constant flow channel, sharing relevant information and keeping it permanently updated.
– Use it to interact with your audience.
– Take advantage of new channels to enhance what you already have.
– Online access captures and maintains the attention of the wizard.
– Customize the information your followers receive and update it in real time.


Create your own app

Spread and promote your brand

– Connect with your followers and customers and keep them informed with the latest news.

– Proportional a summary with attractive content, updated and useful.

– Announcing events and news of your interest.

– Create a communication channel open in two directions and remain in contact, meeting your demands.

– It incorporates the latest technologies (augmented reality, QR codes, audio and video streaming, etc.) to make your product truly unique and different from the rest.