Carrying out a marketing action, displaying your product catalog, organizing a Team Building strategy or delivering them to your customers or colleagues for use during your trip or event are a few examples of what you can get with the most advanced tablet in the market.

We specialize in Apple Hardware so we also have MacBooks and iMacs at your disposal.

5 Reasons to work with us

Competitive prices Discount for companies

Discount for companies

We supply you with the number of iPads you need

Upon order confirmed

High availability of devices with 3G / 4G data card

For large number of units consult

Support in initial configuration

Desktop wallpaper, free app or documents

Technical assistance at the event site

Apple Certified Technicians

Use the best support to achieve your goals: advertise your product, submit a project, get opinions at street level or simply to get followers on social networks; We offer you a more attractive and functional device rental service for your event.


That's how it works

a) Fill out the form on our contact page and send us your request or call us directly by phone. We will request the billing information in addition to your email and, most importantly, date, time and place where we should deliver the iPad.

b) In case of being an individual or natural person, in addition to the charge of the desired rental, an amount of € 390 per iPad will be retained as a security deposit, this deposit will be released in full at the time of ending the rental period and making the return of the device in correct condition; Before payment you must accept the rental agreement , which you can print if you wish.

c) If you are a company or agency, make your request and we will contact you to indicate the steps to follow.

a) We carry the iPads where you have indicated it to us along with its accessories (case, charger, carrying bag and other options that you have chosen). We will also attach a copy of the rental agreement as well as a document to certify the status of the iPad (ipad Status Document). It will be necessary to present a form of legal and current identification (passport or ID).

b) In the case of shipping to other cities in Spain or Europe, the cost of the courier will be added for the delivery and collection of the devices.

c) If you need a specific application or accessory for the iPad, you must request it before delivery via email , through the contact form . By default it is delivered as it comes from the factory and in the Spanish language.

a) We move to the place where you have indicated and collect the iPad, check the status of the device and its accessories and deliver a receipt.

b) In the event that it is not possible, we will send the device to our trusted messenger to the place you indicate.

We immediately release the deposit made. Then we will keep in touch with you on social networks with our news, news and to answer any questions you have

What do we include?

  • Wi-Fi connection and unlimited 4G so you have access to internet, email and social networks.
  • No days limit: all the time you need.
  • With total comfort: we take it wherever you are and we deliver it with a carrying case and shoulder strap.
  • No problems: technical support by certified technicians at no additional cost.
Complete your experience with our wide range of accessories

* The duration of the rental is calculated on the basis of indivisible periods of 24 hours, from the moment the iPad is made available. However, a margin of 60 minutes is applicable before the start of a new 24-hour period. 
For larger numbers of devices or days consult. Discounts for companies. 
Availability subject to stock at the time of booking.

If you purchase our optional insurance, read the conditions General insurance conditions carefully